WowLegions License Agreement

WowLegions License Agreement

Under this license agreement the customer (hereinafter Customer) of the software WowLegions (hereinafter "System") receives the right for a single installation only on one URL site address (hereinafter Address) is specified in the order.
Exclusive rights to the System, are the individual Kozlov Igor Alexandrovich. (hereinafter Contractor).

The rights and obligations of the parties. 

You have the right to:
- Change the design and structure of the software product in accordance with the needs of your website, but without violating the other terms of this agreement.
- Develop and disseminate instructions for the modifications, styles and other optional components to the System, but they must be shown in the present developer of the System to your modifications, ie, to the Contractor. Modifications you have made to yourself, are not the property of the Contractor, if not contain the source code of the System.
- Create modules of code that will interact with the System, specifying that this is your original product.

You don't have the right:

- To transfer the right to use the System to third parties, except in cases listed above.
- Change the structure of source code, function, program, or create your own products based on the source code of the System, or to use the System outside of your site.
- Modify or remove any copyright notice (copyrights) in the System indicated at the bottom of the page.
- Distribute or facilitate the distribution of individual copies of files, libraries, and other source code of the System.
- To modify the System for one set of source files at several Addresses (URLS, domains, subdomains, etc.).
Each site requires a separate license.

Disclaimer of warranty.

Despite the fact that we make every effort to ensure the security of the System, we cannot guarantee absolute security of your website or forum from hackers (hacks). Also, our warranty and technical support do not apply to modifications made by a third party, including code changes, style, as well as changes to the listed parts made by the licensee alone. If the software product is modified by You or a third party, we may refuse You technical support. You must be aware that the software System cannot be returned or exchanged due to the lack of safeguards protecting the software product from copying. You may be refused technical support if You are aggressive and/or disrespectful toward authority or visitors of the website (including personal correspondence in the forum or via feedback).

Termination of the license agreement. 

This agreement shall be terminated automatically if you violate its terms. Upon termination, you must delete all copies of the System within 48 hours. Termination of the license agreement of the license due to violations of its terms does not lead to payments to the buyer for the license.

The contents. 

The contractor reserves the right to publish a list of selected customers of their software products. The contractor reserves the right at any time to modify the terms of this license agreement, but these actions do not have and will not have retroactive effect. Changes to this agreement will be sent to clients via e-mail. The lack of customers the letter is not the cause of the failure of the changed terms of use of our software. A copy of this license agreement and its amendments will be available on the website of the Contractor.

Intellectual property rights. 

Name WowLegions, and are included in this product scripts are the property of the Contractor, except for the cases when the component systems use a different type of license. The software is protected by copyright law. Any published original material generated as a result of using our script and the associated rights to them are the property of the user and protected by law. The contractor is not responsible for the contents of websites that are created by the user using the System.